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Karl O'Meara

Karl has a degree in IT from Nottingham Trent University and had been programming since he was 8 years old. He is now 53 years old has 2 young children. As well as the Kbytes UK operation in London he is a director of Corazon Tecsys SL in Tarragona, Spain which is aimed at the Spanish market.

All the projects and case studies on this site have been assisted by his accumulated knowledge.

His biggest success to-date has been the development of the BNBN with Mark Harrington another alumni of his University.

Karl's newest venture is integration of a multimodal travel search engine under development at redplanet.travel

Karl works for up to 5 hours per day (software development is done best with a fresh brain) and has an hourly rate of 100 GBP per hour; giving a daily rate of 500 GBP. You can engage him directly via Upwork.

Tim Bridges

Tim is one of Karl's web designers and he has 23 years experience. He has his own portfolio website at Digital Remedy.

Anton Brown

Anton is one of Karl's web designers and has 29 years experience. He works out of Barbados in the Caribbean. He has produced many websites including Teachers Direct and DBA in partnership with Kbytes amongst others.

Jeff Ingham

Jeff is a Education Consultant and is the driving force behind the Teachers Direct Supply Teaching Agency partnership with Kbytes. He has also worked as programmer specialising in Javascript and client-side technologies such as Adobe Flash.

Paresh Patel

Paresh is the CEO of Ccube Technologies Pty whom we work with to produce offshore programming works. He has had a long career as a chemical engineer before starting Ccube as a team of software developers.


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