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Kbytes Toolbox

We have made available our toolbox of utilities that been developed in house over the years. Many businesses will find their functionality useful.

For all these tools you will need a free Kbytes Account and it is necessary to provide a backlink from your own website to ours.

If you've already Signed Up then please proceed to Log In.

Available Now:

Kbytes Partner Monitor

Manage your website links, upload/download your links via CSV, and automate the alerting of lapsed links. For more info view details.

In use, need to move them into the Toolbox:

Kbytes Invoicer

Generate PDF invoices for you or your incorporation. You can keep track of payments, and accept payments via Paypal.

Kbytes Email List Manager

Send customised Emails to groups on a Ad Hoc or Scheduled basis.

Partially Developed, need tidying up before move into Toobox:

Kbytes DynamicXMLSitemap

Generate an XML sitemap of your site and submit to search engines.

Kbytes Remote Database Backup

Got SQL Server 2005 express with no backup facility? Then use our free backup service.

Kbytes Quotation

Generate HTML and PDF quotations for your clients.

Kbytes CMS

Control content on your website by editing the CMS on ours

Kbytes Website Uptime Monitoring Service

Check your website periodically to make sure its up and serving customers.

Kbytes Domain Names and Website Hosting

We resell domain name purchasing and website hosting at cost. Since we have large purchasing power, we can do it cheaper than you can as an individual.

In Toolbox Development Queue:

Kbytes Pollcode

Free pollcode hosting, no link required.

Kbytes Joblist

Simple project management application to keep tabs on clients, contractors and staff.

Kbytes Support Ticket

Email and Webbased Ticket System.

Kbytes Live Help

Webbased Live Help System

Kbytes Overseer

Backlinkware checker and payment gateway.

Kbytes Bookmark Search and Share

Store your bookmarks/favourites centrally and access them from anywhere, categorise and sort them, our server will index them so you can search them later to find them easily again.

Kbytes FTP

Send files from one server to another. Can be used as remote backup service.


Why do we ask for a 'backlink'?

A backlink is a normal HTML hyperlink from your site to ours (kbytes.co.uk). We ask for this because it raises our profile in the Search Engines.

Please describe our site in detail, and place the link prominently so others can benefit from these free Tools.

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