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I'm going to give this guy a link - the best css site I've ever found - wonderful. Similarly here is a good VB6 instruction site:

If you are a small business trader or owner and sometimes your client doesn't pay - don't dispair there is a new site for you where you can publically expose the company that has not paid your invoice, so it is now an unpaid invoice. Since many people use Google to go to a companies website by entering the company name into the Google search box its likely that by getting your bad payer listing on page 1 of Google other people will be a warned and avoid being ripped off like you.

Got an old phone with SMS on that you wish to keep? Or want to reply to a message but at a later time and don't want to forget? Use our Print SMS service to forward the message on to your computer and print it or use it in any way you want.


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