How to be on page 1 of Google in UK
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How to be on page 1 of Google in UK

Google and other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing are transforming the way we do business.

None of the engines charge for your business to appear when people search for your product or service, although you can pay for so-called 'sponsored listings' which appear (on Google) sometimes at the top and generally on the right side of the normal (otherwise called Organic) listings.

This means that you can get FREE advertising from these engines. This can basically comprise your entire marketing budget which is normally a large component of any businesses' expenditure.

There are lots of SEOs (Search Engine Optimisers) who make wild claims, most of which turn out to be lies. We can prove we know what we are doing by showing you the results for our own and own client's sites: - (ourselves). Look at how we appear 1st (under the Google Map) for the Term 'Programmer in Surrey' in (opens in New Window)

If you talk to any other SEOs ask to see their own ranking - you'd imagine that if you are a search engine optimiser the first site you'd optimise would be your own. You maybe surprised by their responses! - (client). SKHarchitects is an association of English-speaking architects in Spain.

They gain a lot of free enquires by appearing 1st for 'English Architect in Spain' in both and (opens in New Window) (opens in New Window)

Bed and Breakfast Network - (client). Look at how they appear 1st in Google for 'Bed and Breakfast'

Since this is a very popular term (lots of people search for it), they get a lot of traffic and therefore revenue. (opens in New Window) - (client). Look at how they appear on page 1 for 'London Catering' and they appear for lots of similar searches too. (opens in New Window)


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