Simple SEO 101 Edits to a site that can make a huge difference.
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Simple SEO 101 Edits to a site that can make a huge difference.

Posted By: siteadmin on 11/12/2012 10:15:00



From: Jane
Date: 29 September 2012 13:27
Subject: help needed
To: Henry, David, Ruth & Oli, Thomas


I could use some business acumen from you with how much sales-based commission to pay someone who will take care of Google Analytics and Search Optimization instead of taking a one-off fee for setting up my new website.

In a good month I might sell 4 pieces, though the idea is that this web person is incentivised so that I can at least double theory I could make say 4 pieces a week.  My average percentage profit relative to selling price after material costs is 70% (between 45-90€ per piece), though I haven´t accounted for any running costs (not sure how to calculate!).  I´ve paid myself back for my set up costs now. 

Any ideas yourselves or do you know who would be able to help me?  If you need any more info let me know.






On 16 October 2012 00:04, Karl O'Meara <> wrote:

Hi Jane,

I think you’d be bonkers to give away a percentage of your business.

I can understand that it all just looks like gobbledegook and a real turn off, but unfortunately that is the way it is.

Your revenues are very small and thus it would be hard to get anyone worth-their-salt interested I’m afraid.

So the bad news is you are going to have to do it herself, the good news is you can keep all the money.

 1) I notice there is a link from that site to yours. That is great!   You need to lots more of this.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO CONTINUE TO DO.

2)      You need to just change the text in the pages I think a little tweak here and there and you will 10x the amount of traffic you getting directly to the website.

Simply think about what people with a “buying intent” might type into Google.  E.g.   Personalised Jewellery Gifts or something I guess might rank pretty high.   And then fill you pages liberally with these, avoiding making the thing read like nonsense.

3)      Glaring error: You need to get your webmaster to change this:  The Tu Tesorito needs to be Joyeria Personalizada (can just add it also if you want the name to be there too.)

Wrong Title in Title Tag Example

4)      I notice also that none of the images have ALT tags.  These need to be descriptions of the images.

5)      Maybe make a page “how to order” and on that page redouble the keywords e.g.  Personalised Jewellery made and delivered in Catalonia.

6)      Go to Google Places and sign up.  They verify your address with a postcard, and make sure she has a load of bumph to write about the lovely jewellery you make.

7)      Get her webmaster to add Google Analytics to the site.  Then she can tell how her efforts are increasing real traffic, not just seeing possibly more sales.  As people might be looking but not buying for some reason.  She can add my account as read-access only and I’ll take a look if she wants.

This is SEO 101  and should take her and her webmaster no longer than a couple of hours.

Once this is done, then guidance can be further given.

Good luck

Karl O’Meara

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