Kping - Ping tester for transient network errors
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Kping - Ping tester for transient network errors

Posted By: siteadmin on 10/02/2014 20:57:00

You can use this simple Windows application Kping which is a ping tester for transient network errors.

Do you have network problems where VOIP phones or VPN connections strangely drop?

These can be caused by faulty wiring that does not always disrupt the network flow.

Download and install my free ping tester - Kping which will allow you to ping a computer (host) continously for many hours.  You can then analyse the "max consecutive fails" counter.

It depends on how quickly you are getting ping responses, but typically on a LAN if you get more than 10 consecutive fails at any point over a period of time where the connection is required to be open then you may lose a VOIP call or drop a VPN connection.  If this is the case check the LAN wiring.

If you are testing a WAN internet connection to a internet host then around 5 consecutive fails may cause problems.

There is a very simple user interface simply enter a host name - the program will try to autodetect your local gateway (probably on your LAN segment) or you can enter your own.  If you don't have a server that you specifically want to test using or  (Google's global DNS servers) are good ones to test on as they will be reliable.

Kping Ping Tester

Download the application "as is" and without warranties here -


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