How to clone/copy/duplicate a VS 2013 solution
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How to clone/copy/duplicate a VS 2013 solution

Posted By: siteadmin on 21/09/2017 11:42:00

This works best:

Where ABC is the original solution, and XYZ is the destination clone.

You can copy the entire solution to the XYZ folder. Open the ABC solution from the XYZ folder, rename the solution in the name field to XYZ.sln in the properties and perform a Save As for the renamed solution to XYZ.sln.

Once you open the solution it will have the correct name, and I had to delete some VSO bindings that were not valid.

You then create the clone solution in Visual Studio Online.  Make sure the Solution folders are in the correct place in the local folders repository and right click the solution root in Solution Explorer... Add to Source Control and all the files will have + marks and ready for checkin.

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