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DBA Property LLP Commercial Property Agents Website - DBALLP

DBA Property LLP is a busy commercial Property Agent based in Central London.

DBA Property required a completely customised software installation to match their business. As well as a easy-to-use search function and content management system (CMS) that could be used by in-house-staff they also needed a secure password protected customer relationship management (CRM) area where 'hot deals' could be discreetly offered to wealthy clients and not available on to the general public.

This CRM can automatically record interest clients have which allows DBA to customise its personal service to its discerning clients.

DBALLP System Walkthrough

In order to best explain the power of the deployed system please browse the following screen shots with explainations.

Advanced Search  
Advanced Search for Properties

DBALLP needs to easily display its available stock to website visitors. We wrote a completely custom search function that intelligently displays suitable properties to website visitors.

The search needs to be done in the shortest possible time so as not to lose clients and also to show the right properties first.

We implemented this by using a summary view first to show the most matches and then a drill-down view with more information for interested browsers.

Large PDF files can be uploaded by DBA staff and downloaded by clients.

Customer Relationship Management  
Customer Relationship Management

Due to the nature of the DBA business certain properties would only be made available to selected clientelle. These people are extremely busy and in order to minimise disruption the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system ensure that only properties that the client is interested in are discussed.

The CRM also allows clients selling properties and regular property investors to get a personalised view of their interactions with DBALLP

The CRM and the Large PDF files can be password protected to prevent unauthorised access.

Development Timeline

The system as DBA LLP took two years from intial inception to final delivery. The actual development process took less than 3 months during this time.

The Bottom Line

Sometimes nothing short of a complete custom build of a software system is necessary as in the case of DBA LLP. Many web-designers will use 'free software' components which they bolt-together. We don't believe this is always the best solution. We have the skills to build any software from the ground up; this means that when you require some functionality (like the customer CRM in this example) we can build this with ease. If we had used 'free software' components this would have been much hard and much more expensive.

In order to determine how much a system like this would cost you please use our Online quotation system.

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