Legacy System/EPOS Integration Development - The Gamers Guild
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Legacy System/EPOS Integration Development - The Gamers Guild

The Games Guild is a family friendly gaming store in Surrey, with a focus on more traditional toys and games rather than electronics.

For their sales channels however they have fully embraced the Internet and are using that as an adjunct to their traditional walk-in sales.

Gamers Guild System Walkthrough

In order to best explain the development process and eventual system for the Gamers Guild please browse the following screen shots.

Physical Presence  
The Gamers Guild

The Gamers Guild has existed as a bricks-and-mortar operation for many years prior to our development of their website.

As with many traditional business they have increased their revenue by opening up a new way to sell - via the Internet.

We had to work with their existing EPOS (electronic point of sale) system which was built around Sales Stream software.

Online Presence  

The EPOS system in the front of shop and back office maintains all necessary information re: purchase transactions and stock levels.

Our development consisted of analysis of the current system and required devising a way to export the Products database (with current stock levels) to the website.

This can occur periodically giving a near-real time stock level display on the website giving would-be purchasers confidence that the items will be delivered quickly.



Development Timeline

The entire development took around 6 months to complete.

We have been working with the Gamers Guild since 2004.

The Bottom Line

A company implementing a system such as Gamers Guild can expect to see a huge return on their investment.

We do not claim to be the cheapest developer - in fact far from it. Many 'web designers' will set up business and initially quote very low to get clients - but then they will always become frustrated, disillusioned and lose interest in a client that was not aware of the actual amount of work that does need to be done to succeed in business.

In order to determine how much a system like this will cost please use our Online quotation system.

The Gamers Guild Visit their site The Gamers Guild


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