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How to Internationalise an ASP application with Dreamweaver 8

Protect legacy ASP applications against SQL Injection by parsing SQL commands.

Add a composite key to MS SQL 2000 server

Visual Basic Vb Executable called from Command Line by objWShshell not terminating

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired yet profiler shows start and end time and no error

Generate a web page 404 or 500 or custom error for browser testing

Lists for good server names

gTlds Generic Tld list

How to host a simple web site for free

Simple SEO 101 Edits to a site that can make a huge difference.

All iis6 files required for installation of smtp

Simple example of using classes in vb.net

Pass SQL as parameter and return database as xml in asp.net

Simple ASP.NET vb aspx page in Dreamweaver

aspx .net vb simple basic codebehind example

XmlTextWriter w3wp.exe

trace axd 500

Hello World Application in MVC 4 VB

Get a ListBox to scroll to end in WPF VB.net Visual Basic

Visual Studio build fails: unable to copy exe-file from obj\debug to bin\debug

Simple VB.net Tuple Example

vb.net list reorder on keyword preference

POST a stringified JSON object to your server instead of HTML POST parameters

How to clone/copy/duplicate a VS 2013 solution

Handling dates between VB.net/SQL Server and Javascript/HTML5 datetime-local control

Vb.net solution structure, demo and code generator

How to use Memory Mapped Files in vb.net

Websockets vb.net example signalR2

Bulk Import Wiktionary data to SQL Server 2016

How to read entire form of POST'ed JSON without parameters into vb.net native object

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